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Rollei Agfa Retro 400S

A high speed, black and white film available in 120.

Rollei Retro 400s is the successor to Retro 400 film. This film is closely related to the Rollei Superpan 200 and the Rollei IR film. It is a panchromatic sensitized black and white film with a high speed of ISO 400. The emulsion is coated a the clear polyester base. The film can be used as a general purpose photographic film suitable for all professional task. It has excellent sharpness and contrast as well as high edge sharpness.

Black & White
Manufacturer website:
Available Film Sizes:

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Passerelle by fs999 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Country Link Extra Info
US 120
Film Developer Film Speed Dilution Time Temperature Film Size
Rollei Agfa Retro 400S Compard R09 Spezial 400 1+15 7:30 20.0ºC (68.0ºF) 120
Rollei Agfa Retro 400S Compard R09 Spezial 250 1+31 17:00 20.0ºC (68.0ºF) 120

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