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Large 3302 k

AgfaPhoto VISTA 400 Plus

A high speed, color film available in 35mm.

AgfaPhoto Vista 400 plus, 135/36 color negative film The brilliant color negative film for superior image quality. AgfaPhoto Vista plus films offer a natural, precise and brilliant colors that match the color perception of the human eye. With the AgfaPhoto Vista 400 plus recordings also succeed in low light conditions. Extended flash range. Freeze fast movement (sports, action, etc.). The film has fine grain and outstanding sharpness. Colors are natural and reproduced exactly. Exp. Date 11-2015. Order No. 3302 - (2.48 EUR net) 2.95 EUR gross !!! SALE !!! (2.00 EUR net) 2.38 EUR gross

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© Johnny Martyr 2009 NikkormatFTN50mm1.4SCAGFAVista70170017 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

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NikkormatFTN50mm1.4SCAGFAVista70170005 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

4437041825 1d9c962ba5 z

NikkormatFTNAGFAVista70080025 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

4518333505 05de7f360d z

OlympusOM1AGFAVista037_1 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

4595818252 3ff1be6fe9 z

FM2n105mm1.8ExpiredAGFA400Vista045_22 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

2579436169 bff64365b4 z

Debeers by aki.sato (CC BY-SA 2.0)

3475971842 b2ee6a44b1 z

06.04.09 by Clara T S H (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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