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Film roll

Kodak TMAX P3200

A high speed, black and white film available in 35mm.

Kodak TMAX P3200 was discontinued in 2012 but it is still very much available and useable in 2014. This film first hit the market in 1988 and resulted in a breakthrough in high speed, low light photography. It is survived by Ilford Delta 3200 and the push processing of slower films. P3200 features tabular type T-Grain that is much chunkier than Delta 3200. The film boasts loads of tonality and high push-ability, up to at least 12800 ISO.

Black & White
Available Film Sizes:

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teles que se niegan a morir by slackdunk (All rights reserved)

27991703316 f76cce7ca6 z

zapatitos de charol by slackdunk (All rights reserved)

28026401895 7352550c6b z

hermosas flores siempre en pan comido by slackdunk (All rights reserved)

7994136087 3826609682 z

LaurieLeicaNoktonTMAX6400IMG0053 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

8247972173 0ff6d5d88d z

© Johnny Martyr 2012 FM2nTMAX6400Becky_93530006 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

8599207349 8e18e0be28 z

© 2013 Johnny Martyr Kristin21_037 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

8994377425 68dcbd9a7a z

BritSteveWeddingFilmReception058 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

8696949477 afff2497b5 z

© 2013 Johnny Martyr BrittanyNikonP3200Rodinal007 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

8965525815 096c029372 z

[email protected]_HC110_173 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

14426094628 05040978f0 z

Sam_LeicaNokton_Tmax6400_032_edited-1 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

14508752014 236773b068 z

James_FM2n_P3200_041_edited-1 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

14560661158 d66d621311 z

BeckyP3200Downtown001 by Johnny Martyr (All rights reserved)

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